This heavy hearted comedy is about inadequacy, giant asteroids, a gentle idiot and the shark that ate his arms.
A story to make you smile till your face hurts and your heart heals.
Runner up Best Comedy and Best Comedy Performer, Auckland Fringe 2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Auckland Fringe 2013

Following successful seasons in Adelaide and Melbourne, Dismember left home in search of greener pastures, something a little bit more New Zealandy.  It ended up in The Basement as part of the Auckland Fringe.  This trip was supported beautifully by Sophie, Sam  and Charlie at The Basement.

Some kind words from good folk:

"In the hands of a lesser writer this story could easily have unravelled into a tangle of confusing stories but Greenway is not only a captivating figure to watch, he is also a skilled writer who can weave a string of ludicrous events together to form a cohesive tale, allowing you to get lost in the story."  - Concrete Playground.

"Greenway’s approach to storytelling and performance is incredibly unique… Greenway created a bond between us all."  - Gather & Hunt.

"A masterful comic performance, impeccably timed and created with a sweaty, ginger bearded fervor." - 

"this is sweet and surreal comedy and great storytelling, from a likeable and intelligent performer. Get along to it." - Theatre View

"While the surface story is, frankly, hilarious bullshit, what emerges is a certain way of observing the world: as a ‘shark eats man’ sort of place. It is unjust, random, you are up against it, and other people/sharks can be real assholes." - Theatre Scenes

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